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Jonathan Picazo

Full Stack Developer with a track record of creating effective programs and projects quickly, without sacrificing quality or client needs. Lifelong learner committed to staying current on new technologies. Team player, willing to take the lead on executing tasks and experimenting with new ideas.


JavaScript (ES6+)Node.js
React (+Hooks)SQL/Postgres
ReduxRESTful Architecture
HTMLGraphQL (Apollo)
Responsive DesignJest
Agile Project Management
Unit/Integration Testing
Big-O Notation
Computer Architecture
Data Structures
Project Management
Teamwork & Collaboration
Time Management Techniques


Each project has been given its own dedicated page. Click on the project's name to learn more!


Our mission was to make the social and connecting aspect of events effortless, seamless and fun to do. To give courage and ability to less outgoing people to connect and network more comfortably. To unify the social and personal networking aspect of events and put that in the hands of participants instead of vendors.


Showbunny is a project that makes use of APIs from TMDB and VideoSpider. As soon as the page loads, you can either choose from popular movies or TV shows, or search for a specific title. Clicking on a card brings up an easy and simple-to-use interface with more information and streaming options.

Lambda DevDesk Queue

This app was a tool designed for rapid problem solutions. It allows users to submit tickets which can then be looked over by support personnel. They can assign themselves to tickets and update their statuses.


I worked as a Team Lead for this project during Lambda School's Labs process.

  • Coordinated initial icebreaker meeting to encourage team comfortability and expectations.

  • Managed day to day assignment of tasks for each team (Web, UX, iOS).

  • Actively contributed to code in order to meet each Product Canvas release cycle.

  • Implemented the entirety of the backend which was built using Apollo GraphQL and Prisma.

  • Learned many new technologies including (but not limited to) Apollo, Prisma, and Tailwind CSS.


The premise behind building this app was to flex my vanilla JavaScript skills.

  • Researched and set up the necessary APIs that fetch media content.

  • Designed a mobile-first approach to the website using the latest semantic HTML5 elements and CSS techniques.

Lambda DevDesk Queue

  • Designed and implemented the backend server (Node/Express) to handle incoming CRUD requests.

  • Implemented database migrations and seed files using Knex.js and PostgreSQL.

  • Performed daily morning standups with team members to ensure milestones were being reached and data handling was in sync between the front and back end.

  • Helped design parts of the frontend including the Ticket List and Ticket Details page upon successful login.


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